The thought of a kind mother-in-law hiring osin to support her daughter-in-law, the scene at 2 am scared me

From then until the morning I lost sleep, the scene at 2 o'clock at night still made me terrified only.
Hi everybody,
I have been married for more than 1 year, currently in asian porn my 6th month of pregnancy. I have stopped working since I was pregnant because my health is quite weak. The growing belly makes me tired and don't want to do anything, whether it's housework or daily meals.
Normally, my mother-in-law did not help me at all even though she had retired from my free time. Even when I was pregnant, I was vomiting all day, but she was still quiet. My husband loves me and I go to work all day, I just come home from night so I can't help it.
But two weeks ago suddenly my mother-in-law took me to a pretty young girl who said that my maid hired me to help me. I was surprised at first because I didn't think the cold, heartless mother-in-law suddenly treated me so well.
But suspecting only for a moment, then I just feel touched, very grateful to her. Perhaps now she understands my goodness as well as loves her first grandchild.

As expected, when Han - the maid's name came to my house, I was much more leisurely. The meal she cooked was especially picky and delicious, which made my husband sobbing and complaining. She is also very talkative or smiling, and has a good mouth and is very pleasing to the whole family, making the house always happy. I am the daughter-in-law, the homeowner, but sometimes I am inferior, pale before Han is the other side.
I did not hide anything, I also generated jealousy, envy. Looking at a girl of her age, fresh, somewhat beautiful, who got married to her mother-in-law and her husband, I think everyone will be pleased. I consider myself not as good as her, even when I'm normally not pregnant.
But even if I'm sad, I dare to hide inside. Saying that my husband is afraid to tell me to be small, picky and selfish. That went on until yesterday night, the same day that Han went to work for half a month.
I am pregnant so I often urinate at night. Normally my husband's bedroom had a closed toilet but last night suddenly the toilet in the room was clogged, so I had to open the door. As I passed my husband's study, I was stunned to hear the sound of women coming from inside.
My husband has an important project these days, so he often stays up late. Now he is not back to sleep is normal but having women in it with him is too abnormal.
I gently approached, through the half closed door, I could clearly see the person in it was Han. It is worth mentioning that Han is wearing a very sexy two-string nightgown, holding a tray in her hand, seemingly bringing night food or water to her husband.
I did not hear much when Han turned around, I did not want her to know and hurried away. From then until the morning I lost sleep, the scene at 2 o'clock at night still made me panicked. I am afraid I will lose my husband always not knowing.

The night is hard to sleep so I wake up early in the morning Any doubt happened to know a terrible secret. My mother-in-law and Han are in the kitchen cooking breakfast. Normally, I have not woken up yet, the pregnant woman loves sleeping. The two of them thought that no one should talk loudly.
I heard Han's mother-in-law asked how last night, was it successful. Han said she had not yet been able to win, but at this rate sooner or later she would reach her goal.
Now I understand that Han is not the real osin, she just plays a maid to come to her house to steal my husband. Painfully my mother-in-law was the one who supported and supported her enthusiastically. I do not know who Han is but she and my mother-in-law know, she wants her to be her daughter-in-law, not me.
When my husband married me, my mother-in-law protested. Then she said nothing more, I thought she had accepted me. Any doubt but still hate me and stubbornly want to "expel" me out of the house like that.
What should I do to keep my husband and protect my happiness? I am pregnant, like this, with my husband almost no, I'm afraid my husband will not persevere much longer!
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