After 1 night in bed, my best friend gave me 500 thousand with a message that made me tremble

Anger filled my chest, I reached for my phone and was about to ask if I could see Khanh's message.
Khanh and I were best friends since we were young, our two siblings are like brothers in japanese xxx the house, and we have no mutual feelings for each other. Previously, many friends and colleagues still thought that we were a couple until I publicly had a lover and got married, Khanh also escaped from my life associated with me.
Again, I and my husband know each other through Khanh, my husband is Khanh's college friend. In the past, the two children from the same hometown attended two universities side by side so they were stuck together like sam. I know all of Khanh's friends and often go out and eat with his best friends, Khanh is similar to my best friend.
During those trips, my husband and I noticed each other. At home, my husband texted me to get acquainted, after 4 months, I agreed to be my lover. After graduation, I married, at that time I was 5 months pregnant. The reason I did not want to get married early, had to graduate to work for the children but because I was pregnant, I had to get married.

At first, my husband was very kind to me, he helped me with housework, childcare, and followed me back to the weekend. But anyone who gets married early and a husband the same age will understand my misery. Husband is too childish, still giddy, giddy, do not understand the responsibility of a man to the family.
After about a year of monastic business, he began to degenerate, go home irritably about his wife and children crying, going out and rubbing girls with long legs and curved buttocks. I was also a child at that time, so the couple quarreled all day, 1 month and 30 days, only 1 peaceful day. Finally, to retain a good impression of each other, so that the children can still see their father and mother. I decided to divorce, then I was 24 years old, the child was not 2 years old.
More painful, more painful, I hugged my child and sent him to Saigon alone. When I was in 1 year, Khanh came in, and we continued to be "a couple of friends to advance", for a while these 2 children have been in Saigon for 5 years. Over the past 5 years, I was sad more than happy, but thanks to heaven, both me and Khanh have had some success in their work, money is not as worried as it used to be.
In the past, when poverty was enough, when I had money, I had a home, Khanh was still single, many times I wondered if it was dismissed, saying that I did not want to get married. Sometimes it "crazy" told me it was gay, what to marry, what to marry for people suffering. I know he lied, he used to love a few girls before, for some reason, he has "changed his mind" for years now, away from girls like that. His parents were also worried, every time he called in, he reminded me to urge him to get married for grandparents, and their children and grandchildren were full of flocks, and my parents looked at me ...
A week ago, I was promoted to head of the department and also handed over the apartment next to Khanh, so the two of them went to the same wall as when they were in the countryside. Happy, unhappy, ... we decided to make a party to the diner. I used to avoid some alcohol before, so I avoided it completely, that day was so happy, I worked so hard to make 2 cans.
The waking up in the morning was 10 o'clock, there was no one in the room, only me, the phone remained silent in a corner, next to a glass of water and 500,000. I still didn't understand what I was about to get out of bed before I saw a piece of cloth. Stunned, I remembered last night, ... the images I and Khanh were tangled up made me blush.

Apparently, I was drunk, this road Khanh province but still do so to me. Anger filled my chest, I reached for my phone and was about to ask if I could see Khanh's message. Khánh told me he called me for a half day break, I slept a little bit more then got up, what happened last night was Khanh deliberately. In addition, Khánh told me that I had run out of money, so I gave him a temporary 500 thousand, spent until the evening of Khanh to withdraw and then gave more. "Buy something warm and eat, even angry, eat it first" - I read the message that trembled to the eyes.
A long time ago, from the time I divorced, I tried to be like a man. I only worked, free to visit my children, not socializing, interacting with men. Receiving the attention of a person who has been with me for nearly 30 years, I am touched to speechless.
In the evening, when Khanh came to move my stuff to my house, I could not react to it. Khanh said I already rented the house. Now seriously, Khanh wants to live with me. Speaking out is long, basically means that Khanh has loved me for a long time but I did not notice, later my divorce made Khanh very confused, not sure if he could bring happiness to me, that night was drops of water overflowing glasses made Khanh determined to "rob" me of it.
Of course I did not refuse Khanh, I am happy that the other way, Khanh anyway understands me already, there is nothing to hide. There are things that Khanh's parents know will be troublesome, but it's later, so well, just have to be happy today.
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