Suddenly coming home to find the bed messy, I was dumbfounded when I heard my wife moaning in the bathroom

Recently, I found out that my wife is very different, she started going to bed very early, woke up to eat late at night, and also took a long time to watch the phone.
I am 32 years old, married 5 years ago. At first, because the two children were subjective, at the time of marriage, they thought they were simply married, so they ignored the health check ... After that because they were young, their wife wanted to "plan" a few years to go out and enjoy sweet marriage atmosphere.
The first few days were gentle, the two of us were always as lightheaded as the people in xxx asians the clouds, I think I married an angel. In addition, my parents are very supportive, my mother heard that the two children who were not in a hurry to give birth would agree, advising the couple to spend time together, later having children and if they want it, it will be difficult to get it back. That private air.
In the first 2 years, my wife and I got married 100%, going to work, at night, looking for places to eat and go out, otherwise we would cook and watch movies together soon. There are conditions to go back to travel again ... Of course, going forever and bored, eating rice together also feels boring, looking at friends with children holding me, I began to be impatient, craving.
Finally, after several months of numbness, my wife agreed to "release" to find a child. Looking at people easily children, just married gave birth, I think I was the same, who suspected 1 month, then 2 months, 3 months have not seen children. My wife is leisurely, but I can't wait to. Go online to find out all the way, from how to eat, what position, what time I follow the standard but the results still do not see election.

1 year of patience is over, the couple looks at each other worriedly, leading them to the hospital to check. The doctor said I was normal, my wife had ovarian problems, was more difficult to get pregnant than normal people. Overall, the chances are quite low. After listening, the couple were at a loss, I almost wanted to cry. Looking at his sad wife is the main pillar I still have to encourage his wife to be okay, if it is not natural then do fertilization, no more then look for a surrogate, adopt a child ... lack of ways.
During the couple of years, the couple went from hospital to hospital, if anyone said they would take any medicine or supplements, they could follow what I could get pregnant, but it still didn't work. Boredom, we almost gave up.

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Recently, I discovered my wife was very different, she started to go to bed very early, woke up to eat late at night, and also took a long phone time. If not, I would go home earlier than usual, while in the past my wife was at the company late, after she finished eating, she went to bed, did not dare to eat late for fear of being fat.
I realized that the frequency of waking up in the middle of the night also increased, seeing what I did not know what to do. I only saw it in the bathroom for a long time. I asked several times when my wife warmly said to go to the toilet. Thinking that my wife cheated, had an affair outside, or hid me from doing something obscene, I decided last week to investigate.
The excuse is that I want to surprise my wife to send a message to my wife and my wife's office because when my wife starts coming home, send me a message. My wife's company was closer, when I arrived home, my wife had come back for 30 minutes. When I opened the door to the house, I did not see my wife, but I could only hear the groaning sound in the bathroom, running into the bedroom and the bed was messy.
Rushing in to "catch the time", I saw my wife sitting on the toilet hugging her belly, pale face, on the table with a lot of strange medicine, I have never seen it. I panicked, carrying my wife to the bed to call a taxi to go to the hospital, the wife stopped telling me not to need it, it will be okay in a while. I frantically asked what was wrong with her, what medicine was it but my wife was silent.
It took 30 minutes for my wife to return to normal, seeing that I was worried that she burst into tears sobbing and confessing that she had hidden a lot of strange drugs from me. Not only that, those drugs were all my mom gave me, sometimes cigarettes, sometimes pills, ... more recently, drinks and some over-the-counter medicines that were told by a relative who used to be rare. as late as my wife and I give. She heard she was pregnant after 3 months. It sounds so good so my wife desperately drinks, afraid to be scolded so she has to avoid letting me know.
There are things to drink 1 time elected where not see just see the health gradually exhausted, many times dizziness, nausea, severe abdominal pain. After listening to his wife, I immediately took her to the hospital, threw away all the strange drugs and called for a match. I do not understand my mother and wife, clearly have a proper education, fully aware but believe such words!
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